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Tarot Readings

The Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically.Tarot reading is the practice of divining wisdom and guidance through a specific spread (or layout) of Tarot cards. The cards are meant to provide insight into the innermost truths of your higher self and provide an evolved awareness of what you already know deep within.

Justin Turk
Intuative Reader

Justin has been an avid Metaphysical student since 2014, having the Sun in in his 12th house; of course he would be drawn to metaphysical and occult subjects. In 2017, he was initiated into multiple ancient mystery schools where Frater Turk learned the art of symbolism, numerology, alchemy, intuative reading and a number of different healing modalities. With his compassion and knowledge in Metaphysics he brings a level of love and wisdom to the table.Sessions are by appointment only. We do not accept walk ins.$60 a session

Tarot Parties

We come to the comfort of your home or venue location and provide a unique Taort reading for each guest.
Minimum of 6+ guest required.
Please call for scheduling 267-615-3911

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